Will Controversies Help Pawan Kalyan Agnyaathavaasi?

The promotions for Pawan Kalyan Agnyaathavaasi may not be happening from the production house, but the flick is still in news courtesy of two issues. While one of them is related to the film, the other is due to the star Pawan Kalyan. The primary controversy is regarding the copyright claim by a production house. Agnyaathavaasi is accused of being a copy of a other language flick Largo Winch, and there is a lot of talk regarding that social media.

It is keeping the flick in the news. precision would arrive only when the trailer is out, but so far one has heard nothing on that front. The second is off-screen and involves Power starr. Critic and actor, Mahesh Kaththi is making daily round ups to various News studios and keeping the fame in the front and center. It is also helping the flick gain mileage indirectly.

The query now is will these controversies help Pawan Kalyan Agnyaathavaasi? As of now, they are doing the job no doubt, even if it is at a smaller level. Nothing related to the flick has blown out of proportion to make it a sensation. Everything is now jalsa fame and the combination.

It Is Too Early to Blame Trivikram!

Film maker standing on the allegation that it is a Freemake of a French flick ‘Largo Winch’ directed by French Director Jerome Salle. Jerome Salle responded to this allegation and said that he would be buying the plane ticket to India and then a ticket to watch ‘Agnyaathavaasi’. This response will definitely put pressure on Trivikram as the French film maker responded even before the flick’s release.

At this point in time, we hope that a director like Trivikram didn’t opt for a Freemake. If that is the fact, no matter how big a blockbuster it records, it will be a bad mark on the director and big news in the media as the original’s director will be tweeting as he has evinced interest to watch the Telugu flick. Across the industries in India, we have seen some free makes that have created controversies like in the case of ‘Magadheera’ rumored to be remade as ‘Raabta’ in Hindi but that wasn’t the case. It’s too early to blame Trivikram before watching the flick. Let’s hope Trivikram didn’t resort to lifting the idea from the French flick.

Pawan Kalyan Agnyaathavaasi teaser watch here:

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