Viral Video: Telangana Farmers Won Kiki Challenge

The internet seems to have smitten by the rustic moves of two telangana farmers youths who attempted Kiki challenge without a car.

If owning a car might have been a far-fetched dream, Geela Anil Kumar, 24, and Pilli Thirupathi, 28, both from Karimnagar district in Telangana have taken up the challenge in Indian style rather in rustic rural style with their simplicity and innocence.

Within hours, the video attracted millions of fans over the internet liking and sharing it on social media. While cops imposed a curb on the dangerous Kiki Challenge in cities and towns, these youngsters dancing to the peppy beats, without a car, besides bullocks is truly delightful to watch.

Comedian and TV show host Trevor Noah uploaded a video of it saying,”they just won the Kiki challenge.”

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