Star Daughter’s H*t Show: Magazine Bans Comments

Other day internet was taken by a storm as star daughter Suhana Khan has showcased her wild side for her initial Vogue cover page. Needless to say, she looked like a bomb but here is an interesting point being thrown by netizens.

There are many models and hotties out there who are much more stunning than Suhana and who are trying to get a chance to feature in top magazines like Vogue. But how come Suhana was given a chance when those other beauties are not at all considered for the same? That’s because she is a star kid and this is called nepotism, says netizens.

Mostly girls have felt this opinion and they started blasting Vogue social media page with their anti-nepotism comments. Sensing the viral war, immediately Vogue has disabled comments on the posts and many felt this as a shocking movie. They are asking, how come a magazine will not take its readers’ opinions?

Whatever it may be, ShahRukh Khan’s daughter Suhana’s well-planned debut on Vogue has created enough sensation, though the 18-year-old hottie says that she has much more time to debut on silver screen.

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