Rama Setu Facts | Ram Setu 18,400 years old: Study

Rama Setu Facts The ‘Adams Bridge’, aka Rama Setu Bridge has located 35 km from the sea between the Chennai of Tamil Nadu and Mannar Island in Sri Lanka. The length is located. There is also a shallow and sandy loam in the sea. The water is 100 meters wide and 10 meters deep. Research students from the University of Madras and Anna University have studied this bridge.

For this purpose, Rameswaram collected soil and rock samples in three places in the central area of Mannar.

These were taken on December 12, 2015. A study by the Adams Bridge, which was found to be about 18,400 years ago, has been found.

This bridge has been created by the microbes called ‘CipyChits Margaripresses’. These are caused by oceanography. The ‘Cybiscads Margary Debra’ aging details are tested in the laboratory through the ‘Carbon-14’ method.

According to Professor Srinivasulu, professor at Anna University Institute of Marine Management, which has been estimated to be 18,400 years ago,

More than 700 years ago, the earthquake and tsunami occurred undersea. But in 2004, Thailand, Indonesia. The tsunami attack, which occurred in parts of Sri Lanka and Andaman, has not taken place on the east coast of India.

However, in the future, it is stressed that such a tsunami strike will require precautionary measures to take place.

Experts from Anna University, Kalpana, Rajeswara Rao and Jaanaprakash expert in the geology department of the Chennai University were involved in this study.

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The story of Rama Setu facts goes back to Ramayanam when Ravanasura the King of Lanka abducted Ramadu’s Wife Sita. In order to reach Lanka, Anjaneya Sena decided to build a Rama Setu bridge from Rameshwaram(Bharath) to Lanka. When they started to use some stones to build the bridge, the stones drowned in the Sea. Then Anjaneya said to his Sena please write Shri Ram on every stone and when they wrote that, the stones floated on the Seawater and they were able to build the bridge. As soon as the bridge was built, Ramudu was able to get to Lanka and defeat Ravana.

There are other theories about the authenticity of Rama Setu facts which reject the idea that it was built artificially. There is one theory that suggests that the Rama Setu Bridge is formed when Sri Lanka got separated from India. The other theory suggests Rama Setu formed by the accretion and rising of the Land. The government of India decided to build a complete shipping canal from India to Sri Lanka and it was finalized in 2005. Rama Setu facts is not as simple as it sounds, the problem is that in building this canal the limestone or floating stones have to be removed that were used in building Ram Setu bridge. As we know nowadays people are the owner of the Religion so they opposed it as it is destroying something that is important to Hinduism.

It is Imperative for the Government to find a way in which they can make the shipping canal without harming the natural environment and Ram Setu bridge.

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