Kiss Day 2018: Things to Keep in Mind Before Kissing Anyone

“No, we are not a Valentine’s Day kinda couple. We like to celebrate our love on all days,” you might just purr to your friends, looking into the eyes of your partner. But the truth is, people across the world are coming together to celebrate love in all its forms and shapes this Valentine’s Day, like all others and despite your efforts to stand out as an ‘unconventional couple’, you know you will cave in, in the end.

Now that we have got that out of the way, you might as well come out of the closet and admit that you are looking forward to celebrating Kiss Day — the one day remaining before Valentine’s Week culminates in Valentine’s Day celebrations. Roll your eyes at us all you want, but you know you are all excited to steal a kiss or two from your significant other, lapping up on all the mush that you denied being associated with.

Well, in case you want to go one step ahead and are wondering how to set the moment in stone by sealing it with an absolutely perfect kiss, you will be glad to know that we have got your back. No, really! Here are important pointers to keep in mind, while you lean in, with eyes closed hoping for a quick kiss from her/him.

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* Use a mouth freshener if you forgot to brush: Let’s face it — nobody is going to love you as much as your mother does. So, if you are planning to go anywhere as near as barely metres away from a person, no matter how much they claim to be in love with you, if your breath has got people to consider booking a ticket to Mars in the past, you might just want to keep a mouth freshener handy. Oh also, use it!

* Don’t forget to tilt your heads: You probably like to live on the edge, but for a smooth, hassle-free kiss on lips, you both might want to consider tilting your heads in the opposite directions. Given the way human anatomy has been structured, the nose has often seen to be a road-block when it comes to hassle-free kissing. And Kareena Kapoor (3 Idiots) took it upon herself to make sure this problem comes to light.

* Practice will NOT make the man (or woman) perfect: Yes, as disappointing as that sounds to you go-getters and perfectionists, here is one of the areas that you are at a huge risk of going wrong. No matter how many YouTube tutorials on ‘How to nail your first kiss’ or ‘How to make your kiss memorable’ you watch, you just cannot rule out the chances of getting it all wrong. And in case the kiss in question is your first one ever, you are probably going to have a hard time believing that the kisses you see on-screen have been rehearsed so many times before they show you the one perfect one. So it is best to go unprepared and see where the road takes you. Yep, pun intended, of course!

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* Consent: In case you have the basics like dental hygiene and tiling heads covered, then we want you to play safe this Valentine’s Day (and on every other day of your existence on earth) and ensure that the ‘perfect kiss’ you have played out some ten times already in your head, is going to happen with the consent of the other person, no less.

Your takeaway this Kiss Day: Go for it, but with CONSENT and without EXPECTATIONS.

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