IKEA In Hyd: Shocking First Day Rush

Ikea Hyderabad: Swedish furniture giant, IKEA launched its first store in India, in Hyderabad and the first day rush and people thronging into the store, pushing away the security to enter the store looked nothing less like a ticket fight for Baahubali movie at theatres or a Thanks giving sale in the USA.

Ikea Hyderabad

Vehicle traffic turned immovable almost upto 3 km from the store entrance and a video has gone viral in which the customers are pushing themselves to enter the store. Why is this store so ‘hot’ now?

This Swedish retailer opened their 13 acre occupied first store in India after visiting more than 800 homes as part of their research and they waited 12 years to complete their ‘localizing’ study. They invested more than 10 billion rupees and recruited 950 employees directly and 1500 indirectly at Hyderabad store and plans to hire 15000 in near future.

Ikea Hyderabad offers cutlery, stuffed toys, hangers and container boxes and many other thousands of products for a cheaper price, of-course with better quality. Ikea Hyderabad cafeteria will have 1000 seats and the menu has got Chicken meatballs, Biryani, Samosas and vegetarian hot dogs. Ikea Hyderabad is planning to launch 25 more stores in India by 2025. IT Minister KTR along with Peter Betzel, IKEA INDIA CEO and Ambassador Klas Molin inaugurated the first store ( Ikea Hyderabad ).

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