Kidney stones are a very common kind of problem that is affecting huge numbers of people. It is mainly categorized by the presence of stones in the kidney that is formed due to various types of reasons. It can be due to the chemicals present in the urine such as calcium, uric acid, oxalic acid and phosphorus. Other reasons related to kidney stones are excess intake of Vitamin D, improper diet, dehydration and many more. Kidney stones lead to severe pain. Apply best types of home remedies that can help to get rid of kidney stones and clear it.



Apple cider vinegar is very effective home remedy as it can easily dissolve the kidney stones in the kidney. This vinegar has alkalinizing effect on the urine and blood. Take some apple cider vinegar and add honey to it. Drink this solution with warm water. Repeat this process several times a day to get rid of kidney stones problem.


Basil leaves has medicinal properties and can be used to treat the issue of kidney stones. It is of great use and has proved to be efficient in removing kidney stones. Take some basil juice and add honey to it. Drink this solution during early morning for around 6 months. It will help to remove kidney stones problem and thus help to get rid of symptoms related to it.


Pomegranate juice and seeds have good properties that can surely cure the problem of kidney stones. It has astringent properties that help in curing the problem. Take one pomegranate and extract juice from it. Make sure to drink at least one glass of pomegranate juice on daily basis. You can also eat it simply to derive its benefits.

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Watermelon has also shown great results while treating kidney stones problem. Watermelon contains carbonates, phosphates and magnesium. Potassium will help to remove stones and maintain the level of acid in urine. The high water content in watermelon will flush out the kidney stones from the kidney. It is of great use to treat kidney stones problem.


Lemon juice along with olive oil will help to solve the issue of kidney stones. Lemon contains citric acid that can help to dissolve the kidney stones and removes it. Take some fresh lemon juice and add equal quantity of olive oil in it. Drink this solution with more amount of water. Repeat the process for around thrice a day for best results.


People suffering from kidney stones should make sure to take fiber rich food items in their diet to get rid of the problem. Bran flakes can be the best fiber rich product that can is easily available at home. The rich fiber content will help to remove calcium from the urine. It will thus help to reduce the chance of kidney stones. Make sure to take sufficient fiber rich foods on daily basis.


Kidney beans are very well renowned for curing any kind of problems related to kidney and gall bladder. Take some beans and allow it to boil in water. Wait for some time and strain the liquid from it. Drink this liquid in order to get benefits from it. It will effectively reduce kidney stone pain and reduce the stones from kidney. Kidney beans can be used directly in diet.


People suffering from the problem of kidney stones must make sure to take excess amount of water. The body will then urinate and thus pass down the stones through the urine. It is a proven theory that drinking sufficient amount of water and fluids will help to stay hydrated and cure the problem of kidney stones. Thus drink as much amount of water you can drink the entire day.

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Consistent practicing can help a great deal in getting benefits identified with kidney stones. Individuals frequently rehearsing exercise are less inclined to issues, for example, kidney stones. Make a point to rehearse some best activities frequently to control the internal developments and hence avert kidney stones. It is a characteristic procedure to anticipate arrangement of kidney stones.


Calcium rich nourishment, for example, dairy items can get cure from kidney stones. Items, for example, drain, cheddar, yogurt and other calcium rich nourishment things must be utilized as a part of eating routine so as to diminish the possibility of kidney stones. Intake of regular amount of calcium in the body will remove the kidney stones from the body and will not allow its formation.

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